‘An introduction to Smart Dairy Farming’ by Professor Kees Lokhorst

Author: Kees Lokhorst (VHL) - Date: July 23, 2018

The objective of the book ‘An introduction to Smart Dairy Farming’ is to provide insight in the development of the Smart Dairy Farming (SDF) concept and advise as to how to apply this knowledge in the field of activities of students and other interested readers. 

The book is build up according three main blocks. The first block deals with the specific domain of dairy farming and the choices for relevant objects of interest. In chapter two the history and definition of Smart Dairy Farming is given. Since SDF is focused on dairy production and the key stakeholders are the dairy farmer and his cows in chapter three the critical periods and processes for supporting the farmers management are identified. To support dairy farmers in their choices for supporting tools, either sensors, models and/or advisers, the longevity matrix is introduced in chapter three. 

The second block is dedicated to techniques to handle the full cycle of plan, do and act. In chapter four the theory to transform digital data into information, interpret it with using context into knowledge, decide  on this knowledge and transform it in dedicated work instructions. This cycle is goal driven and iterative. Collection of digital data by using sensor technology, being aware of the variables that are measured and examples of sensor technology are worked out in chapter five. The background, techniques and principles of data analytics and validation is depicted in chapter six. Chapter seven is dedicated to the use and writing procedures for Standard Operating Procedures. 

The third block is focused on the organisational environment of smart dairy farming. In chapter eight insight is given in the involvement of different stakeholders. Chapter nine is dedicated to innovation in the context of smart dairy farming. Examples are given and also driving forces behind innovations are given. In chapter ten social, economic and business values are discussed with the goal to make farmers more aware of innovations. Chapter eleven is dedicated to awareness of trends in ICT. Chapter 12 deals with some future developments with the power to stimulate the further uptake of smart dairy farming. The information in this book provides background information and comprehensive insight in the concept of SDF.

I trust that you will enjoy reading this book (link).