4D4F Open Day

Author: Richard Lloyd (IfA) - Date: September 26, 2018

4D4F is pleased to invite colleagues in the industry, farmers, researchers and members of the public to our next Open Day, on October 3 at the new dairy development centre in the heart of the South West milk field, Beard Hill Farm, Somerset.

The event will run from 8:30am, and everyone on their way to the Bath and West Dairy Show, is welcome to call in and enjoy a free breakfast- with a bacon butty and a cup of tea - and tour of the recently open dairy unit, or after the show, until 5:30.

The180-cow dairy unit provides a state-of-the-art environment for the development, testing and demonstration of new technologies and techniques to support sustainable, efficient and high welfare milk production.

The Dairy Development Centre has been developed in close partnership with Kingshay Dairy Specialists, which manages the facility.

Critical to the Centre’s activities is its direct relationship with the dairy sector by offering a platform for industry to trial and review new ideas and to connect with farmers throughout the UK. Innovative technologies currently being trialled/developed at the centre include:

  • The cow health/welfare and milk quality data gathering capabilities of robotic milkers;
  • The integration of robotic milking with automated precision feeding systems;
  • Sensor technology indoors and outdoors, by satellite, and on and inside the cows to maximise precision in many aspects of feeding and grazing, production, health and welfare;
  • 5G, as part of the 5GRuralFirst project;
  • A digital system to monitor cow fertility through milk analysis;
  • 3D imaging for monitoring cow body condition and mobility.

Achieving higher welfare and sustainability in farming through technology is one of the core strategic objectives of 4D4F. Our goal is to reach out to as many farmers as possible to help them improve the profitability of their businesses. In the livestock sector, precision in dairy farming is a key area of work for us. With the opening of this new centre in the South West, we can now reach out to traditionally grass-based farming systems and show the results that can be obtained by combining that with robotics.

8.30am – 5:30pm, Wednesday October 3, 2018

Agri-EPI Centre South West Dairy Development Centre
Beard Hill, Shepton Mallet, Somerset, BA4 6SS