4D4F submission: UNIFORM-Agri standalone app project

COP prize submission. Author: UNIFORM-Argri - Date: September 20, 2018

As the dairy industry has performed in last decades, herd management software has grown in 30 years from a pc-based cow administration to a system integration.

Nowadays it is possible to think of systems on farm linked to factories and central national systems, all in combination with intelligent analytic tools, user friendly app’s and fast data exchange.

In European countries it is a daily routine to manage data and record changes in the herd to comply with European regulations and to make decisions on herd and business management. UNIFORM-Agri is one of the most used software in Europe and worldwide in dairy herd management. The goal of the company is to develop innovative products, capable to link with different systems and to make users life more comfortable with an experienced and dairy-related support team.

UNIFORM has now reached an important milestone for dairy Industry, extending the digital data management to countries in development. UNIFORM-Agri has developed a standalone app for “small and medium sized” scaled farmers (1 to 60 cows in herd), connected to a cloud-based system. Data in the cloud can be analyzed by a PC client version that connects to the cloud database. This is managed by milk factories and/or feed companies. The aim of the project is to perform milk production efficiency and improve milk quality controls.

The countries where this project has started since Spring 2017, when the app was first launched, are:

  • Vietnam (launched in 2017)
  • Indonesia (in progress)
  • Nigeria (in progress)

The app has been developed in local languages. It can be used offline and a desktop solution for larger farms is also available.

UNIFORM standalone app works in a cloud-based system where farmers data are always secured and can be used by technicians and advisers on a central server (see a simple overview below).

The app has all basic functionalities for data recording. It gives the user a tool to check information on:

  • Reproduction
  • Milk production/collections
  • Health
  • Economics (direct costs only)

Agreements are made with the milk factories, looking to improve their services to farmers and the quality of their products. Advisors and technicians are trained in UNIFORM software deep knowledge. All farmers participating in the project use the app in a smartphone after a training too.

UNIFORM standalone app is a user-friendly tool with an attractive layout to motivate farmers to register data and use the management tool. After data validation, all this information is used by advisors to perform dairy herd management on farms.

This project has born with the purpose to improve the dairy chain by being able to advise the farmers better by having data to analyze, in order to help them improving their business, making them more capable in dairy production and making dairy industry in these countries more competitive in a global market in which being on top of innovation and technologies is nowadays almost mandatory.