The advantages of a self-driving feed mixer

Author: Reesink Agri (translation by Fauve Henst, ZLTO) - Date: October 23, 2018

To be able to feed the cows efficiently a lot of farmers have to choose between a pulled and/or a self-driving feed mixer. Product manager Gert-Jan Hegemen working at Reesink Agri, explains the advantages of a self-driving feed mixer.

What is an important reason to invest in a self-driving feed mixer?

The main reasons to invest in a self-driving feed mixer are:

  1. The mill causes a smooth and fixed cut surface in the silage. Which makes sure that less oxygen can enter the silage, and so less scalding takes place.
  2. Using the mill enables the feed mixer to work more accurate. The exact amount of feed can be loaded without many loose product or big deviations from the planned ration.
  3. The self-driving feed mixer works more efficient because it only has to drive to every silage once, which saves a lot of time.
  4. Only one machine is necessary to feed. Using other systems often requires more machines to unpack the feed, mix it and bring it to the cows. This saves time and maintenance because you do not have to switch between different machines and you only have to maintain one machine.


One or two vertical mixing augers?

The choice between one or two mixing augers in the feed mixer depends on the size of the company. In mixing it does not make a difference. The feed mixer with one mixing auger is more agile than the mixer with two augers. The feed mixer with one mixing auger can easily feed more than 200 cows which makes the feed mixer with one mixing auger interesting for a lot of dairy farms.


There are different options of power available for the mill. Which kind can be used for your farm?

In the Netherlands the mill with a high power. Especially with fixed silages this had the advantage that the silage was not destroyed while milled. With a mill that has less power, it spins longer on the same place that way the product is often chopped too fine. A mill with more power prevents this from happening.


Is four-wheel-steering always necessary?

Four-wheel-steering is not always necessary, however it is desirable. The spinning circle of the machine is significantly smaller when the mixer can steer with four wheels and the agility is therefore better. This saves time and work.

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