Case study: a GPS location system for goats

Author: Aida Xercavins Simó (IRTA) - April 12, 2016

Digitanimal is a location and monitoring system for extensive production farms. In addition to the neck tags with the sensors, Digitanimal consists also on a cloud solution and a user application for Android, iOS and web. Thereby the system allows to know anywhere and anytime where each animal is. Monitoring is based on the activity of the animal and its behaviour regarding the other animals of the herd. 

Source: Digitanimal.

Currently there are several dairy goat and sheep farms using it in semi-extensive conditions (extensive system between spring and summer, and housed system between autumn and winter) in the Basque country, Spain. The main benefit expressed for these farmers: ease of mind. These farmers feel much more at ease using a positioning system like the one from Digitanimal.

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