Data in agriculture

Author: Kristine Piccart (ILVO) - December 1, 2017

Farmers, contractors and suppliers are –perhaps even unknowingly- sitting on a mountain of data. Just think of soil & crop sensors, milking robots, surveillance cameras, devices for climate control, …  All these systems provide a huge amount of data, but it is clear that their potential is not yet fully exploited.

Nowadays, experts from different sectors are doing their best to unlock the full potential of data. By connecting the dots, we hope to clear the path for a better, more precise farm management, benefitting not only the farmer, but also the environment, the farm animals and, ultimately, the consumers.

But does data in the agricultural chain only bring benefits, or is there a catch to it? And what about the issue of privacy? Who actually owns the data that is produced on a farm? 

All these important concerns and opportunities will be discussed during the seminar “Data in agriculture”, organized by ILVO and the department of Agriculture and Fisheries, on December 8 at the agricultural fair Agribex in Brussels. The seminar is fully booked, but a summary will be published on this website. Stay tuned!