Farmers discuss sensor technology for grassland

Author: Tamara Wind (VHL) - February 18, 2018

February 6, 2018 there was a knowledge meeting for Dutch farmers about grassland management in Heerenveen (Netherlands) hosted by Niscoo. Together with the initiator of the Grass4Farming project, Tamara Wind (VHL) was invited to introduce the research part of the project to the farmers. It was an interesting meeting with 45 attendees.

Tamara gave the farmers a look behind the scenes of the research part of this project. She showed farmers what kind of activities and the diversity of data are belonging to the research. The audience was interested and there was a lot of interaction. Afterwards Tamara showed the audience the video of the 4D4F-event Happy with sensors in the fields (2nd May 2017) to show “what do we know?”, “what do we measure?” and “what can we advise?” about sensor technology in grassland management. Even after the official part of the evening the attendees were still talking about grassland.