Grazing season has started in the Netherlands!

Author: Tamara Wind (VHL) - April 13, 2018 

Now that winter is over, we have started to monitor the grass growth and the soil temperature since the 1st of April. In the last two weeks, the pasture was wet. But this was followed up by a few warm days (20 degrees Celsius and sunny), so now it is time for the grass to recover. Tuesday I was walking in the pasture and measuring the grass growth with the grass altimeter: the grass was showing remarkable recovery! New young grass blades are coming up, with the soil degree around 8,5 degrees Celsius. It is possible now for the grasses to grow!

Even last Monday (April 9), it was the National opening of the season to apply grazing for the cows. Our minister of agriculture, Carola Schouten, let the first cows out.

So, since last week, the grazing season has started in The Netherlands.