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European Union owns only 3 % of the world’s dairy goat herds, but produces 10.5 % of the world’s goat milk (FAOSTAT, 2014); this is the only continent where goat milk has such an economic importance and organization. Despite the large variation between farms and production systems, there is room for improvement in all cases. So it is worthwhile to go in depth into all the technologies available for dairy goat producers.


Brief summary of technologies


You can look into the Warehouse of technologies to find all the available commercial tools for dairy goats. You can also read the Best Practice Guide on Goats for more information and practical tips.  

The main type of sensors and technologies used in dairy goat farming are as follows:

  • Electronic identification devices
  • Automatic milk meters
  • Milk electrical conductivity meters
  • Automatic feeders for kids and adults
  • GPS location systems for extensive production


Last update: February 22, 2017.