Links to Operational Groups

Country Name operational group Description
Belgium Feasibility of a nitrogen balance on a dairy farm to reduce ammonia emission Measures to reduce ammonia emissions are often very expensive and never result in a financial gain for the farmer. By feeding less protein, a reduction in both costs as well as ammonia emissions, could be obtained. In this EIP we look for the possibilities of a nitrogen balance, and the aspects and parameters that should be taken into account.
Belgium Reducing emissions from cattle farming by good practice The aim of this operational group is to commit together with the beef cattle sector on ammonia emission reduction to demonstrate on manure- and litter management, inventory practicable and affordable techniques and/or practices to the business organization, demonstrate methods and techniques for research in ammonia emission, and help create the research plan for ammonia emission reduction for beef livestock farming in Flanders.
Spain MESRASA: improvement of collection systems and animal health warning With the information dead animal collection system, establish a health alert system in real time in cattle farms, using algorithms already developed. In addition, the basis for a real-time syndromic surveillance system will be established.
Spain EUREL: Efficiency in the use of resources in dairy farming Achieving a sustainable dairy production through an efficient use of the resources on farm (organic fertilizers), and implementation of best practices to minimize the impact of waste on soil, air and water.