MESRASA: Improvement of dead animal collection and health alert systems

Author: Aida Xercavins Simó (IRTA) - Date: September 7, 2018

Operational Groups are key elements in the development of the European Assoiation for Innovation in productive and sustainable agriculture. They tackle a certain (practical) problem or opportunity which may lead to an innovation and contribute to achieving the programme's objectives. 

Each Operational Group is a project oriented and composed of those key actors (such as farmers, advisers, researchers, businesses, NGOs, etc.) that are in the best position to realise the project's goals, to share implementation experiences and to disseminate the outcomes broadly. The Operational Group approach makes the best use of different types of knowledge (practical, scientific, technical, organisational, etc.) in an interactive way.

MESRASA is a Spanish Operational Group with the objective to improve the dead animal collection system, in order to:

  • Reduce withdrawal costs using fleet management and driver control systems.
  • Allow farmer to know when the withdrawal will occur.

Afterwards, with the information dead animal collection system, establish a health alert system in real time in cattle farms, using algorithms already developed. In addition, the basis for a real-time syndromic surveillance system will be established.

Description of project activities:

Development of global platform that integrates:

1. Fleet management system to reduce cost of dead animal collection

2. App for farmers to help them

  • To notify animal death
  • To know approximately when dead animals will be removed

3.  An alert system integrating real-time data obtained from animal deaths from livestock farms and already developed algorithms.

4.  Establish the bases of web tool and app in which farmers and veterinarians will indicate key symptomatology in real time and will receive anonymously reports on their farm dynamics and health alerts

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