The modernization on one dairy farm

Author: Lāsma Cielava (LLU)- January 23, 2018

Last year the Latvia University of Agriculture analyzed data from one particular dairy farm, where in timespan of three years a new housing system (from tie stalls to loose housing), feeding conditions and a herd management system was introduced. At the beginning of the modernization process average herd milk productivity was 6.304 kg per cow, but after "modernization", the milk productivity increased up to 8.378 kg in lactation.

The improvement of feeding and housing conditions also left a positive mark on milk content. In the timespan of 3 years milk fat content increased by 0.19 percent points and milk protein content increased by 0.11 percent points. The introduction of herd management system showed significant impact on milk quality – in the three year period somatic cell count in milk decreased from 311 to 155 thousands in one mL milk. With the introduction of herd management systems it was possible to oversee the problems of cow reproductive performance. In the timespan of three years the calving-to-conception interval decreased by 25 days and calving interval was 24 days shorter.