Pilot: Following your cows with real-time data

Author: Janine Roemen (ZLTO) - June 19, 2017

ZLTO from the Netherlands is setting up a project in collaboration with a data science company and sensor/management software producer. Connecterra is the data science party in this collaboration; they are a start-up company that produced Ida, the intelligent assistant for dairy farmers. 


Photo: Cow equipped with "Ida", the new health and activity tracker from Connecterra.



In this device sensor technology, machine learning and cloud computing is combined which results in a decision support system for the farmer. This system provides the farmer with detailed real-time information and advice about the optimization of the cow’s heat, health and feed by recording eating-, drinking-, rumination- and lying time. All the collected data is send to the cloud which enables the Ida to learn from new data, which increases accuracy of the sensor for everyone.

ZLTO is currently looking for farmers who want to take part in the trial of this system, in which focuses on the transition period and the period after calving. Data of the OPTIcow tool and the Connecterra will be combined in order to find indicators that can predict a disruption in animal health. This will enable farmers to act on these small changes, so that diseases and even culling of cows can be prevented.

Updates about the project will be presented on the 4D4F website.