Report on research priorities regardings dairy sensors

Date: February 14, 2019

This recent 4D4F report highlights areas for future research on the use of sensor technologies to improve productivity and sustainability on dairy farms. In particular, it discusses the top future research priorities identified by farmers, advisors, researchers and veterinarians in project partner countries. 

Top priority for research includes:

  • Sensors which can diagnose health issues, particularly mastitis, lameness and metabolic diseases. Especially conditions with complex aetiology, to identify the specific pathogenic (or other) cause.
  • Improve the sensitivity and specificity of sensors for detecting oestrus, pregnancy and calving.
  • Sensors for feed intake and feed efficiency as well as for rumination and metabolic diseases to better manage cow nutrition.
  • Integration of multiple sensors and data into one system to provide real-time information and action points for farmers to base decisions on.
  • Independent cost-benefit analysis of sensors to provide farmers with an idea the most appropriate applications for their farm and potential return on investment.

You can read the 4D4F report here