Selective dry cow treatment: which cow to treat?

Author: Kristine Piccart (ILVO) - April 16, 2018 - Orginal sources: AHDB, Eurodairy

Blanket dry cow therapy, meaning all cows receive an infusion of antimicrobials in their 4 quarters at dry off, has been standard practice for years. However, with growing concerns for antimicrobial resistance, more farms are shifting towards selective dry cow therapy. This means you are only going to treat the animals that are suspected of having an infection. But how do you select the cows that should get antimicrobials? Having good records of clinical mastitis cases and somatic cell counts is the foundation, according to this AHDB video.

Do you practice selective dry cow treatment? What do you consider when deciding which cows should receive antimicrobial dry cow tubes, and which ones shouldn’t? Feel free to comment below.