Sensors & management software in a Romanian farm

Author: Razvan Popa (USAMV) - October 15, 2018

SC Eragro Nucet SRL was completed in 2015 on a total area of 56.553 square meters, using European funds and the company's own resources. It is located in Dambovita, Nucet village (28 km from Targoviste; 62 km northwest of Bucharest). The farm and modern facilities meet EU standards on animal welfare and biosecurity.

The farm has facilities for of dairy cows, youngstock  and calves, a of milk processing unit, local water supply system, local sewage and manure management, platform  silos, filter sanitary, administrative spaces.



The average daily SC Eragro Nucet SRL farm is about 7500 liters of milk, the values ​​of the quality parameters placed around 3.63% fat and 3.42% protein. A portion of all milk produced at the farm goes to the dairy calves (9L per calf per day). 


Livestock structure 

Regarding the structure of the livestock, the farm has 506 animals in total, of which (end of May 2018):

  • 233 cows in lactation,
  • 25 of cows in the dry period,
  • 53 heifers,
  • 48 heads youth 0-6 months,
  • 83 heads youth 6-12 months,
  • 64 heads youth 12-24 months.


Identified problem

A major problem they faced was related to farm manager’s accurate and timely detection of cows in heat, economic feed rationing, monitoring health status, keeping production, and other records on each cow etc.



Timely non-detection of heat or failure to observe the optimal moment of artificial insemination bring significant financial losses to the farm as a result of the extension of the non-productive duration of cows for another 21 days. In the case of a large farm, the detection of diseased animals can be complicated, especially when cows are kept at pasture. Accurate, puctual, detection of diseased animals is an asset, helping to increase animal welfare and reduce farm financial losses.ess is to purchase farm management system, the choice being GEA Dairy Herd Management Software Plan.



The benefits of such a system are increased, making it a significant addition to the biological and economic efficiency of farming. In this way, the cows on the farm are  permanently monitored, all activity data reproduction, health status, feeding differentiated or quantity and quality of milk being recorded in real time and used for optimization of farming.

The GEA Farm Dairy Herd Management Software Plan is a flexible solution that can be individually adapted to any size farm and your specific requirements due to its modular design. The advantages are (source):

  • Management of the entire population with all the data about animals and production,
  • Management features for milking, breeding, feeding and animal health,
  • Surveys and assessments widely and individual as graphs or tables,
  • Seamless integration systems in order to calculate the return milk,
  • Seamless and punctual detection of the need for treatment of sick animals
  • Automatic identification of animals with a low milk yield and high conductivity as having suspected mastitis.

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