Short stories from Eurotier 2018 (part 1)

Author: Annica Hansson (Växa Sverige) - Date: December 11, 2018

Agrosystems for agribusiness at Eurotier

Agro House has a solution with Online consultancy network regarding farming. It is a farm management program which covers everything from birth to carcass for sheep and cattle and from seed to the final customer. All this accomplished in a solution by the Bulgarian company named Agro House. Data is stored in a cloud and owned by the farmer.

All animals are equipped with an ear tag at birth. The farmer has an easy hand held reader that quickly detect the animals’ identity in case one like to speed up identification. The management solution is also connected to a scale that continuously report weight from the individual animal. The data from each animal is stored for the rest of its life. Quite neat. For instance the farmer can evaluate if there is any correlation between growth at weening and later milk production.