Short stories from Eurotier (part 3)

Author: Annica Hansson (VXA) - Date: January 9, 2019

Allflex presents cow monitoring solution at Eurotier 2018

The Cow monitoring solution of Allflex includes reproduction, health, nutrition and wellbeing. Allflex describes it as “the next generation for cow monitoring”, in which they offer support for data driven decision making. Their Heattime Pro+ is PC-based. Allflex offers flexible application level plans, from basic fertility reports to more advanced group behavior graphs and young stock monitoring.

The Allflex Young Stock Application is the latest algorithm and designed for calf health and wellbeing. The solution is a very light ear tag. Its battery lasts for approximately three years, and has a two year guarantee. It enables early detection of health disorders, sometimes even before onset of clinical signs. With early detection one can start treatment while the issue still is minor and thereby minimize the number of days sick and the negative effect on the calf’s growth rate.

The heifers’ onset of reproduction can be monitored with the Starter application plan.

Behavior monitoring includes rumination graphs. Time spent eating and drinking is measured to monitor daily consumption and give alarm in case of suspected disorder.

Allflex can be integrated in some third-party herd management software. It is recommended to contact local Allflex Monitoring representative for correct and updated information, see: