Standard operating procedures

How can we make Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) more useable in dairy farming? Today’s farms are getting more and more in touch with automatic systems, such as for example milking robots, sensor technology and more real-time applications that make work on a dairy farm more feasible. Standard operating procedures can help to make a decision on what to do when a certain alarm shows up when using sensors on cattle. 

The main objective of work package 4 is to develop, test and implement a series of SOPs which can be tailored to the specific needs of individual farms when adopting sensor and data analysis technology in dairy farming.

Report on SOPs. *version 2.0*
SOP testing and integration in a management decision support tool
SOP 1. Fat in goat milk
SOP 2. Urea in goat milk 
SOP 3. Protein in goat milk
SOP 4. Evaluating cow comfort