The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU)

SLU is a life science university with a clearly defined role in society: to take responsibility for the development of learning and expertise in areas concerning biological resources and biological production. This responsibility covers over the wide-ranging fields of agriculture, forestry and food industry to environmental issues, veterinary medicine and biotechnology. A comprehensive viewpoint, inter-disciplinary approach and applicability are keywords in SLU's research and teaching and in the contacts with industry and society. The Swedish Livestock research center at SLU in Uppsala is a modern agricultural enterprise in which new knowledge is put into practical use. The dairy cattle unit accommodates 300 dairy cows plus replacement. The dairy cows are kept in a free-stall barn with a high degree of automation. There are two automatic milking systems, a milking robot (DeLaval´s VMS) and an automatic milking rotary (AMR, DeLaval). Automation of feeding is highly developed and cows are equipped with electronic transponders and activity devices.

Swedish Rural Economy and Agricultural Societies

The Rural Economy and Agricultural Societies are independent members organizations dedicated to enhancing an enterprising spirit in rural areas and promoting good rural and urban living environments. The first Agricultural Society was established on the island of Gotland in 1791. In the years that followed, local Agricultural Societies were established all over the country. There are 18 local Rural Economy and Agricultural Societies today, located all over the country. Examples of Field activities: Crop production, Animal Production, Economic business, Building construction, Rural Development and Food and Health.


VÄXA Sverige

VÄXA Sverige is a farmer owned organization with over 8 000 members and about 540 employees. Our aim is to sell products and give service which will develop the farms and improve their profitability. VÄXA Sverige give service to about 300 000 cows. The business includes a variety of service such as AI and breeding services, feeding – and management consulting, animal health including preventive advisory, crop growing and economics. Examples of niches are specialized competence in TMR-, AMS- and Herd Navigator specialist, certificated Cow-signals trainers, specialists in breeding calves, milking technique and meat production.