Technology warehouse

The "4D4F Technology Warehouse" gives an overview of the commercial technologies available to monitor and support cow health and performance. At this moment, we have compiled over 100 different sensor systems in our 4D4F Technology Warehouse. Click on the logo of your interest on the interactive cow image to access the Technology Warehouse. 

Do you know a commercial sensor that is not yet on the list? Please let us know, and give us your feedback in the comment section below or mail us at

To download the "4D4F Technology Warehouse" document, click here 


For more technologies related to smart farming, you can also visit:

  • Smart -AKIS, a European Network mainstreaming Smart Farming Technologies among the European farmer community 
  • IoT-catalogue, a web-based catalogue for for IoT innovations and technologies 
  • ICAR overview of recording, sensor devices and sampling systems on dairy farms (dated 2018)




I would just like to thank all the people that have been mailing us new commercial sensor systems at, or leaving comments in the comment section. Thanks to you, the 4D4F Technology Warehouse is continuously growing! So if you see that there's something missing, please don't hesitate to get back to us. We appreciate your feedback!

Technology on sheep

I would like to know if somehow you can indicate which of the technological applications listed in the list can be applied to dairy sheep, since it seems that only cows and goats are referred to

Sensors for sheep

Hi Ignacio,

Thanks for your question! Most technologies mentioned in the goat section can also be applied in sheep, except for the specific goat feeder stations. The company Biocontrol also offers an automatic concentrate feeder aimed at feeding individual sheep. For more information on sheep farming, I can also refer you to another European network called "SheepNet".

Hope this helps! 

Best regards,


ABS Breeder Tag System

Hello 4D4F, just to let you know the BTS will give lying & standing times. In the Warehouse of technologies list the lying time for the BTS is down as a no. Thanks Patrick.


Thanks for lettign us know, Patrick! We changed it in the Technology Warehouse.