Tips and tricks from SheepNet

Author: Aida Xercavins Simó (IRTA) - Date: August 21, 2018

SheepNet Project has collected more than 76 tips and tricks for sheep production, from all over the world. These tips and tricks are available in 6 different languages on the SheepNet platform knowledge reservoir and are described using pictures and videos.

We would like to highlight some of the tips that use modern technology to improve labour efficiency and farm productivity:

  • Use of a webcam in the shed to remotely monitor the ewes during the lambing season. See the description and the video here.
  • Electronic Alpha-Detector (Alpha®): automated detection of mounting activity by the ram, used for heat detection in ewe and evaluation of ram’s libido. See the description and the video here.
  • Use of electronic ID recording tool to increase productivity: see the description and the video here.
  • Drone for problem solving: how to use it to solve a major problem in the fields. See the description and the video here.

Check them out and remember that 4D4F is looking for the most innovative idea on how to use sensors/data to improve dairy cow or goat performance management. Here you can find more information on how to participate!