Update on trial Connecterra- ZLTO

Author: Janine Roemen (ZLTO) - January 22, 2018

In June last year, ZLTO decided to cooperate with the start-up sensor developing company Connecterra (Start article). Farmers who implemented IDA from Connecterra reacted positively (Update article), and experienced a positive change in their company.

Since a few months an intern at ZLTO is doing an assignment with the data provided by Connecterra and OPTIcow (ZLTO). He hopes come to some interesting conclusions by combining the data and comparing different production groups.

Niels van der Wielen:

“Hello everyone,

My name is Niels van der Wielen and I am 22 years old. I live in Nistelrode where my parents have dairy farm with about 125 dairy cows. I study 'Business science nd Agrifoodbusiness' at HAS University of Applied Sciences in 's Hertogenbosch and I am now in my third year. I am currently doing my internship at ZLTO.

My assignment during this internship, is to find a cause behind several health problems in dairy cows. To find this cause I will use the data which is provided by a sensor. This sensor is developed by a company called  Connecterra. Connecterra is based in Amsterdam and is in a partnership with ZLTO.

The sensor registers all behavior that a dairy cow shows. This behavior contains eating, drinking, ruminating and walking. By analyzing this data, specific health problems, feed efficiency, heat stress and estrus can be recognized. These findings will be displayed in an app, which can be downloaded by the dairy farmer. The sensor is not static and uses machine learning to improve. This means that the sensor keeps learning about specific cows and will know more about them, causing notifications to be more reliable and accurate.”