Workshop: Sensors in relation to animal health

Author: Janine Roemen (ZLTO) - September 12, 2017

On October 19, ZLTO will organize a workshop for young, innovative dairy farmers in the Netherlands on the subject of dairy sensors in relation to animal health. The workshop is part of the Eurodairy project, but there is also room for a number of dairy farmers involved in 4D4F.

We invited two guest speakers in the afternoon: Gert Langendries (Milkadvice, Belgium) and Kristine Piccart (ILVO, Belgium). Veterinarian Gert Langendries will address the topic of dairy sensors in respect to reproduction. Kristine Piccart, researcher at ILVO, focuses on udder health. Which sensors are available for detecting mastitis, and how can you distuingish true from false alerts? The workshop will take place at the dairy farm Molenaar-Breedveld in Hoeve, a greenhouse dairy barn housing 180 lactating cows. They will introduce you to different kinds of technology, such as the sensor ear tags, automatic feed pushers and milking robots. 

Do you want to attend the Dutch workshop? Send us an e-mail. The workshop is now fully booked, but you can put your name on the "reserve list". 

Date October 19, 2017

Dairy farm Molenaar-Breedveld

Langeweg 1, 4741 SV Hoeven (NL)

Duration 13:00 - 16:00
Price Free