Collaboration with Operational Groups from EIP-Agri

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Collaboration with Operational Groups from EIP-Agri

Hello! My name is Consuelo Mora, of the Campus of International Excellence Agroalimentario ceiA3.
I do not know if it is possible to use this forum for this type of queries, so please, delete if it is not the end.

As coordinators of a regional Operational Group from Andalucia (Spain) we would like to establish collaborations to disseminate the results of the group to other sectors and end users. The project is called DOSAOLIVAR and the objective is to make applications of phytosanitary products in the olive grove in a precise way, avoiding excessive use of them. This application is carried out by an app connected to the machinery responsible for carrying out the dosage, so that the farmer controls at all times the amount needed for each type of plot.

When dealing with ICT solutions for application in agriculture, I had thought that maybe we could give us a voice in a collaborative way and promote synergies through our success stories, bringing new technologies to agriculture and livestock.

My email is

Thank you so much for your attention.