Data Driven Dairy Decision For Farmers (4D4F) aims at developing a network for dairy farmers, dairy technology suppliers, data companies, dairy advisors, veterinarians and researchers to improve the decision making on dairy farms based on data generated by sensors.

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How pedometers improved the dairy fertility at "Vecauce"

Author: Lāsma Cielava (LLU) - December 12, 2017

The training and research farm of the Latvia University of Agriculture "Vecauce" houses more than 600 cows, including Holsteins, Red crossbreeds and the native Latvian Brown breed. The average milk yield per lactation is now over 10.000 kg. However, the increase in herd productivity ultimately let to different issues with heat detection and low pregnancy rates. That is why they opted for pedometers (Afimilk's AfiAct II leg tags, as shown in the picture).

Data in agriculture

Author: Kristine Piccart (ILVO) - December 1, 2017

Farmers, contractors and suppliers are –perhaps even unknowingly- sitting on a mountain of data. Just think of soil & crop sensors, milking robots, surveillance cameras, devices for climate control, …  All these systems provide a huge amount of data, but it is clear that their potential is not yet fully exploited.

Nowadays, experts from different sectors are doing their best to unlock the full potential of data. By connecting the dots, we hope to clear the path for a better, more precise farm management, benefitting not only the farmer, but also the environment, the farm animals and, ultimately, the consumers.

Workshop: Focus on BCS-camera and HerdNavigator

Author: Sofia Lindman (Hushållningssällskap) - November 20, 2017

The Swedish 4D4F partner KSLA will organize a workshop on December 4 where several different actors will be discussing how to practically use cameras to measure the body condition score (BCS-camera) and how to use the operating tool HerdNavigator on farms. The workshop will take place at a dairy farm in midwest part of Sweden.

Workshop: "Automatic heat detection: Do I need it?"

Author: Kristine Piccart (ILVO) - November 3, 2017

The Flemish 4D4F partners ILVO, Liba, Wim Govaerts and Lactis are organizing another workshop for dairy farmers on November 30th. In this workshop, we will investigate the profitability of activity meters and reexamine the most important aspects of dairy herd fertility. The workshop will take place in a modern dairy farm, equipped with 3 automatic milking systems and neck collars for heat and rumination monitoring, in Tielen (Antwerp). Dutch speaking dairy farmers can still sign up for the workshop until November 24th.