Data Driven Dairy Decision For Farmers (4D4F) aims at developing a network for dairy farmers, dairy technology suppliers, data companies, dairy advisors, veterinarians and researchers to improve the decision making on dairy farms based on data generated by sensors.

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Dealing with false mastitis alerts

Author: Kristine Piccart (ILVO) - September 4, 2017

The proportion of automatic milking systems (AMS) is continuously increasing throughout Europe. Robotic milking offers great advantages in terms of labour flexibility and data collection, but comes with a steep learning curve. One of the biggest challenges for farmers using AMS, is the high number of false mastitis alerts. So how can dairy farmers distinguish true from false alerts?

Sensors make evolutionary operational management in dairy herds possible

Author: Margareta Emanuelson (SLU) - August 24, 2017

Evolutionary operational (EVOP) management implies making systematic small changes in production factors and procedures during running production, and thereby finding ways to a more efficient production, and has its widest application in industrial processes. However, the development towards larger dairy herds with access to automatic or semi-automatic data recordings on a large number of relevant input and performance indicators opens for management tools able to dynamically estimate the effect of changes made in the daily management on a specific farm.