Grassland management: Education day

Author: Tamara Wind (HVHL) - July 13, 2017

On May 24, 200 Dutch college and university students came together at the research dairy farm Dairy Campus for an education day about grassland management. After a cup of coffee, the program started.

When the lectures started, the college students were split up into 2 groups. One group started with two speakers; Hotze Bosch and Kees Broersma, both farmers. They talked to the students about grazing in combination with AMS, and grazing for large herds. The other group was outside in the pasture with Bert Philipsen (researcher at Wageningen Livestock Research) and Jehannes Fopma (Grazing advisor and farmer). Around 11.30 AM the both groups came together to listen to the –last, but not least- speaker; Piet Riemersma, advisor at Van Ieperen.      

The 115 university students started the morning outside. They had 3 workshops; soil management, recognizing grasses and measuring the grass yield. These workshops were lead by several teachers, i.e. Marcia Stienezen (Researcher at Wageningen Livestock Research), Sible van der Werf (Advisor at Agrifirm) and Simon Kooistra (Advisor at ForFarmers and grazing advisor).

Around noon all the students came together for the lunch. After the lunch the college students went outside for the workshops and the university students started with the lectures. They had almost the same program adjusted to the level of the students. The program ended for the college students around 2.30 PM and for the university students around 3.30 PM.

It has been a successful day, students are nowadays still talking about the education day, about the things they have seen, learnt and heard.