Precision livestock farming tools provide real-time info on rumen pH and temperature

Original source: EIP-AGRI press article - Published on October 9, 2017

Hungarian farmer and veterinarian Dr. Gabor Salyi is one of the many European innovators that see how a clever precision livestock farming (PLF) tool can help them address today's challenges. He has been using a PLF tool developed by a Hungarian company, that gives continuous real-time insight into dairy and beef herds' rumen conditions by checking pH and temperature values. Gabor sees the benefits: “The PLF tool tells me at which rumen pH level our milk production, quality and herd health can be optimised.” 

Source photo: 4D4F

Every 10 minutes, a 13 cm bolus records the pH and temperature inside the rumens of cows. All data gathered from different herds and from over eight different countries worldwide is stored in the cloud. Data sharing among these herds and countries will create added value from which farmers will benefit. 

By cooperating with companies and with farmers such as Gabor, the tool developers focus on farmers’ needs. “Together we have tested the system to gain experience on how the obtained data can help discover and prevent the faults of feeding and management technologies”, Gabor says.  

The tool converts raw data into automated alerts for farmers. Some cases where data were obtained show that management errors can cause major changes in rumen pH, with many unfavourable consequences. “With this tool, Sub-acute Ruminal Acidosis (SARA) can be detected early on, and may even be prevented”, Gabor says. As an expert adviser, Gabor has now joined forces with 5 Hungarian farms and a university, to reduce SARA in dairy farming and so to improve the productivity of Hungarian dairy farms. 

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