Sensor technology in grassland research

Author: Tamara Wind (VHL) - November 13, 2017

In March 2017, VHL started a project on precision manuring at Dairy Campus Leeuwarden called Grass4Farming. The aim of the project is to develop a proof of concept for precision fertilization strategies for grassland based on location- and time specific soil and crop information. 

The Pasture Reader (i.e. the black box) is stationed on top of the mower.

In this project, we use 3 types of fertilization; SE (Sensor Equal) SO (Sensor Optimal) and a reference plot. We use several sensor technologies for measuring the grass yueld, i.e. the Pasture Reader and the Drone. A few days before we start mowing the grass, we will chart the pasture with the drone to create a task-chart for manuring with artificial manure. The Pasture Reader is stationed on the grass mower. The Pasture Reader measures the grass yield in dry matter content. Last month, we collected a lot of data from our pasture at Dairy Campus. There is another experiment running at a farm nearby Heerenvee, besides the pasture at Dairy Campus.

At the moment though, we finished collecting the data and we are currently working on our analysis.